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The Vizcayan Preservation Hat Luncheon

I just spotted these pictures of the Vizcayan Preservation Luncheon on World Red Eye, a society journal based in Miami Beach. The Valentino Fashion Show on the beautiful grounds of Vizcaya was stunning.  And trust that the REAL housewives of Miami have some pretty fierce hats (shoes too).  P.S.  When I say real, I mean it in the following context: The Beverly Hills Housewives are some REAL housewives.


March 3, 2011 - 3:43 PM

Ring Finger Studio - W O W! This looks like it was an INCREDIBLE event! Definitely lots to see :)

Give the People Shade

I recently went to a beautiful outdoor event but it was really hot and there was no shade. That is not a problem if I am in a bathing suit and all – but not when I am dressed to the nines. Consider a beautiful tent if you are planning an outdoor event. Here is one of our renderings for a tent wedding on a beach.

Inspired by: A Faberge Egg

The detailing in this Faberge egg is so incredible. The Imperial Peter the Great Easter Egg is made of red, green and yellow gold, platinum, rose-cut diamonds, rubies, enamel, rock crystal, and miniature watercolor portraits on ivory. The egg measures 4 1/4 by 3 1/8 inches. How is decorating an egg even possible?

Happy President’s Day

A little love on President’s Day.

Feeling Good

This classic Nina Simone song will be on blast all day long. “It’s a new dawn. “It’s a new day. Its a new dawn, its a new day, its a new life for me yeah, its a new dawn its a new day its a new life for me ooooooooh AND I’M FEELING GOOD.”