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  • Welcome to the blog of Luxe Fête Event Planning and Design Studio. My name is Nathalie Cadet-James and I am an event planner and designer from Miami, Florida. This blog is a place where you can connect with me, check out my latest projects and designs, and be inspired to create your dream wedding or event. You can also connect with me on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Luxe Fete Featured on Discussing Royal Wedding!

Betcha did not know your girl was a polyglot. Well not totally. But that did not stop Luxe Fête from being featured on Terra TV – one of the most impressive Spanish Language portals in the world, discussing none other than the Royal Wedding! We are honored to be featured and called upon as an expert....

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Wedding Salon Planner Spotlight on Luxe Fête!

I love being compared to a duck in water. No seriously. A great planner is like a duck in water — cool, calm and collected on top but paddling like crazy beneath the water to make sure everything runs smoothly. Here is a nice spotlight on Luxe Fête on the Wedding Salon Blog. The Wedding Salon hosts one of...

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So You Are Engaged! Now What?

Congrats Ladies! I know a lot of you were presented with that pretty little box over the holidays and still can’t stop smiling. So what now? Well if you want the luxury of time and a calender that does not look like this bride’s calendar, call a professional wedding planner stat: And, if you happen...

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Ask the Expert: The Fun Wedding Reception

A reception makes or breaks a wedding. How can you keep your guests talking about a reception long after the last glass of Champagne such as entertainers or fun activities for guests? Yes, they want to witness your union, yes they love you dearly, but for the love of God, give the people what they...

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Ask the Expert: Fashion + Design + Weddings/Events

How does fashion and interior design influence your vision for décor? Fashion, interior design and weddings are definitely close cousins. I’d even throw in exotic locations into the family mix. Good interior designers and fashion designers tell stories with their work. I love to interpret how the story is told, to see the materials and...

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