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  • Welcome to the blog of Luxe Fête Event Planning and Design Studio. My name is Nathalie Cadet-James and I am an event planner and designer from Miami, Florida. This blog is a place where you can connect with me, check out my latest projects and designs, and be inspired to create your dream wedding or event. You can also connect with me on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Monthly Archives: October 2009

Project Destination Wedding . . .

We are so excited!!!! Check out the spot for our next destination wedding!  Can you guess this fabulous location?

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Father Daughter Wedding Dance Song

The father daughter dance is truly a touching moment. It’s when your dad feels he can officially hand over your credit card bills to your husband and its when you can relish in the moment, knowing you will always be his little girl no matter what. There is no rule that says the father daughter...

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Luxe Fête Beach Wedding

Fortunately for us here in Miami, it’s never really winter! What does your dream beach wedding look like?

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Haute Indian Wedding Inspiration Board

“I want a super bright Indian-inspired wedding infused with lots of fun passionate colors,” said one of my favorite brides.  How do I translate that into “crisp and very chic” – her other requirement? Luckily, that is the beauty of design. You take what inspires you, blend it with what you want to achieve and...

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‘Bout Time: Meet Miami Wedding Planner and Party Planner Nathalie A. Cadet-James

How exciting to finally join the blog world! It’s been long overdue for us here at Luxe Fête Event Planning and Design Studio. We are very passionate about creating beautiful weddings – so trust me, we have lots to share, exchange and inspire.  First an introduction:  My name is Nathalie A. Cadet-James.  N-A-T-H-A-L-I-E , note...

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